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NFL reportedly to review Ndamukong Suh kick Monday

The NFL will review the Thanksgiving Day incident involving Ndamukong Suh on Monday, a top league executive told USA Today. Take a look at photos from the Thanksgiving Day matchup between the Texans and Lions.

In the Detroit Lions' 34-31 overtime loss to the Houston Texans, Suh was falling to the ground after rushing the quarterback and kicked Texans signal-caller Matt Schaub in the groin area. Suh's left leg jutted out unnaturally, and a debate has ensued over whether the kick was on purpose or not.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson said repeat offenders would not receive the benefit of the doubt. Suh was suspended two games last year after he stomped on Green Bay Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith during, coincidentally, the Thanksgiving day game.

"No judgment has been made," Anderson told USA TODAY. "We'll go through the process. Certainly, a player's history is factored in."

NFL vice president Merton Hanks will lead the initial review. League officials Joel Bussert and Ronnie Hill will also review the incident, according to Anderson.

Suh did not talk to the media after the game and has not commented since.

"From my personal point of view, it was unusual, to say the least," Anderson said. "Don't know if it was a football move I've ever seen."

It could be hard to prove conclusively that the kick was intentional, but previously issues with Suh will work against him.

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