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NFL referee says Lions' Suh isn't targeted on game day

Ndamukong Suh has accumulated nine personal-foul penalties and one very high-profile suspension during his first two NFL seasons, a résumé that makes you wonder if his reputation precedes him among NFL game officials.

But John Parry, who served as the referee in Super Bowl XLVI, said the Lions' star defensive tackle isn't targeted.

"Our keys in mechanics remain the same from week to week, game to game," Parry said in an interview with (via the Detroit Free Press). "I have the same assignments from Week 1 to the Super Bowl as far what my keys are and where I'm focused."

Parry said the things you'd expect him to, but put yourself in the shoes of an NFL ref heading to Ford Field. Wouldn't it be human nature to survey the field, lock in on No. 90 and say to yourself: "You know what? I think I need to keep an eye out for that guy. He stomps on people and tries to rip off heads."

"We do watch film to prepare for formations and tendencies with the teams that we're about to officiate," Parry said. "But we do not watch film to have any preconceived ideas or thoughts regarding any one player."

You certainly can't question the integrity of Parry or any other official, but these guys aren't sequestered in a hotel room six days per week. They watch the replays, hear the news conferences and read the stories. It's hard to imagine it doesn't affect their mindset just a bit come Sunday.

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