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NFL: Kenny Britt's possible suspension has no timeline

With wide receiver and return man Marc Mariani expected to miss the 2012 season after a compound leg fracture, the Tennessee Titans have a lot of questions at receiver.

Kenny Britt is expected to be suspended to start the season, but that decision has yet to be made. Titans coach Mike Munchak indicated last week that Britt would probably be available for 10 to 15 snaps at best in the team's season opener if eligible. Terry McCormick of TitansInsider points out that the Titans "now need a decision, and they need one soon from the league office and Commissioner Roger Goodell" with roster cuts coming.

I contacted NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. Britt's case remains under review, and it's uncertain when it will be over.

"There are no specific timelines for these cases," Aiello said. "Each one is unique. When it's done, it's done and we announce something (or not)."

ESPN reported that Britt is expected to get a short suspension after his recent arrest for DUI. As suspensions go, this wouldn't be that poorly timed for Britt. It would give him some extra time to rehabilitate his knee.

Despite Jake Locker's solid preseason effort Thursday, Britt's absence is very poorly timed for the second-year pro quarterback.

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