NFL issues memo reminding clubs of prohibition on fighting

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent issued a memo to all clubs reminding them that the prohibition on fighting is a point of emphasis for the 2015 season. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport obtained a copy of the memo which was sent to all clubs.

Following several recent incidents of fighting among teammates and one involving opposing teams, the memo calls attention to Article 12 in the league's 2015 Rulebook:

All players are prohibited from: (a)striking an opponent with his fists (b) kicking or kneeing an opponent (c) striking, swinging at, or clubbing the head, neck, or face of a opponent with the wrist(s), arm(s), elbow(s), or hand(s). Penalty: For fouls in (a) through (c): Loss of 15 yards. If any of the fouls is judged by the official(s) to be flagrant, the offender may be disqualified as long as the entire action is observed by the official(s). If the foul is by the defense, it is also an automatic first down.

"These rules are in place for the protection and safety of our players and to keep them on the field," Vincent said. "As professionals, no matter how emotional the game becomes, there is nothing that should resort to fighting."

Coaches are encouraged to emphasize to players, coaches, and other club personnel who are on the sidelines, that fighting will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate all of your efforts to advance our great game, keep it competitive ans professional, and to ensure that it is played to the highest standards."

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