NFL hires 21 full-time game officials for 2017 season

The NFL has hired 21 full-time game officials from among the current 124-person roster of officials, the NFL and NFL Referees Association (NFLRA) jointly announced Wednesday.

The 21 full-time officials come from all seven on-field officiating positions and represent a collaborative initiative intended to promote the common goal of improving every aspect of NFL officiating.

In an effort to improve consistency, efficiency and accuracy, the full-time game officials will work throughout the calendar year on game preparation and game administration, analyzing current game trends, communicating with the officiating roster, and assisting to ensure that there is a qualified pipeline of future officials through scouting efforts.

"We believe that we will learn a great deal over the course of this initial year working with the full-time game officials," said NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Alberto Riveron. "Our collective goal is to make a positive impact on NFL officiating overall."

"We are supportive of providing our members the opportunity to voluntarily commit additional time to NFL officiating, especially in the offseason," said NFLRA Executive Director Scott Green. "This initiative is the result of extensive discussion and planning, and the NFLRA looks forward to working with the NFL to test and evaluate this new approach over the next year."

The NFL and NFLRA agreed to experiment with full-time officials as part of the last Collective Bargaining Agreement before last month announcing the intention to hire full-time game officials for the 2017 season.

A look at the 21 full-time officials by position:

Brad Allen, Referee

Walt Anderson, Referee

Jerome Boger, Referee

Pete Morelli, Referee

Barry Anderson, Umpire

Dan Ferrell, Umpire

Bill Schuster, Umpire

Derick Bowers, Down Judge

Ed Camp, Down Judge

Rusty Baynes, Line Judge

Julian Mapp, Line Judge

Mark Perlman, Line Judge

Mark Steinkerchner, Line Judge

Tom Hill, Field Judge

Steve Zimmer, Field Judge

Boris Cheek, Side Judge

Jonah Monroe, Side Judge

Steve Freeman, Back Judge

Scott Helverson, Back Judge

Terrence Miles, Back Judge

Greg Steed, Back Judge

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