NFL fines Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins over injuries

The NFL confirmed today that two teams, Buffalo and Washington, each have been fined $20,000 for violating the NFL's procedures for reporting injury information.

The Bills failed to list defensive end Mario Williams on the injury report while being treated for a sprained wrist. Williams commented publicly on October 3 prior to Week 5 games about how the wrist had been bothering him and limiting his effectiveness. Although Williams fully participated in practices and games after sustaining the injury, he should have been listed on the report with a wrist injury and fully participating in practice. Williams has been listed on the Bills' injury report with a wrist injury the past two weeks.

The Redskins did not properly update for the televising network and news media quarterback Robert Griffin's status during the October 7 game versus Atlanta. In reviewing the matter, the appropriate medical care for Griffin was never in question. The Redskins' medical staff acted appropriately and with great care for Griffin's well-being.

Griffin left the game after taking a hard hit in the third quarter. The Redskins announced that he was "shaken up" and his return was questionable. There was no further update on his injury or playing status during the game. After the game, the Redskins confirmed that Griffin had sustained a concussion. The medical staff said it informed Coach Shanahan during the game that Griffin was being taken to the locker room to be evaluated. Coach Shanahan stated that he inadvertently characterized after the game what the trainers had told him during the game and that he was not informed Griffin had a concussion until after the game.

Head athletic trainer Larry Hess stated that the team medical staff confirmed a diagnosis of concussion with "2-3 minutes" left in the game. Since that diagnosis ruled Griffin out while the game was in still in progress, at that point the team should have updated Griffin's status for the televising network and news media from "questionable" to "out with a concussion," especially since it involved a starting quarterback in a close game that could have gone into overtime. Clubs are required to provide accurate and timely injury information during games.

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