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NFL Films ranks Tim Tebow above Campbell, Allen on Heisman list

Here's the thing about lists (and around these parts, football-related lists): You'll never get everyone anyone to agree.

When NFL Network debuted NFL Films' Top 10 Heisman Trophy Winners on Monday night, let's just say there was a strong reaction#.T5adfo6PhT4).

Keep in mind this list ranks Heisman winners based on what they've accomplished in the NFL.

See if you can identify where people are having issues:

  1. Barry Sanders
    1. Roger Staubach
    2. O.J. Simpson
    3. Paul Hornung
    4. Charles Woodson
    5. Tony Dorsett
    6. Tim Tebow
    7. Earl Campbell
    8. Marcus Allen
    9. Cam Newton

One through six reads without heavy controversy, but then we hit Tebow at No. 7.

NFL Films is floating the idea that Tebow's two-year NFL career has catapulted the feats of two Hall of Famers -- Campbell and Allen (not to mention the Doak Walker of the Detroit Lions).

We have questions with Newton making this list, but three spots below Tebow? You try convincing Ron Rivera to swap his quarterback for the New York Jets backup.

This one didn't sit well with people, especially those named Tim Brown, Carson Palmer, Eddie George, Ricky Williams, Vinny Testaverde, Doug Flutie, Mike Rozier and Bo Jackson, and that's just winding back to 1980.

Does Tebow make your top 10?

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