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NFL Fall Meeting roundup: Tampering allowed

The NFL Fall Meeting is underway in Chicago. The early headline news was confirmation of the expected. The sale of the the Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III has been unanimously approved by NFL owners. (That sound you hear is Browns fans cheering.)

Our man on the scene Ian Rapoport will be sending nuggets our way throughout the day. We'll continue to update them here.

  1. Football dorks like myself will be interested in this one: The Competition Committee approved a "tampering" window that will allow teams, players and teams and players and agents to talk to one another before a potential free agent's contract is up.

There is a lot of informal contact that goes on between teams before the free agency starts. This sanctions that activity. It's hard to see a downside.

"(We'll look at) some tinkering with the tampering rules, where there may be a three-day window where you can talk to other teams, players' agents and that sort of thing," Colts owner Jim Irsay told Rapoport Tuesday.

  1. The NFL will announce a second game in London in 2013. Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are headed overseas for a game. Their opponent has yet to be determined. The Jaguars and 49ers will face off in London in October.

We'll continue to update this story throughout the day.

UPDATE: The NFL announced that the Vikings will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in London in 2013.

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