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NFL explains why Flacco's pass to Evans was ruled incomplete

Billy Cundiff is under the microscope after his botched 32-yard field-goal attempt at the end of Sunday's AFC Championship Game left the Ravens at the alter, but Baltimore fans are up in arms about another missed opportunity on that fateful, final drive.

With his Ravens trailing the Patriots 23-20, wide receiver Lee Evans clutched quarterback Joe Flacco's second-down pass in the right corner of the end zone with 22 seconds left. But New England defensive back Sterling Moore knocked the ball away, a close call that sent shock waves across Twitter, with Ravens fans questioning why game officials didn't review the play.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was in that group. He couldn't challenge the call because it came after the 2-minute warning, when only game officials can ask for a review.

"Obviously, in that situation, I thought they would look at it, but they didn't," he said, according to The Associated Press. "I have not talked to anybody, didn't get a chance to, so I don't know what the explanation is on that."

The explanation came from Michael Signora, NFL vice president of football communications, who told and NFL Network why the game wasn't stopped for a review.

"The ruling on the field of an incomplete pass was confirmed by the Instant Replay assistant, correctly, and as a result, there was no need to stop the game," Signora wrote. "... The receiver did not get his second foot down in the end zone with possession, and as a result, it was an incomplete pass."

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One that won't soon be forgotten by the Baltimore faithful -- or Evans.

"I feel like I had it, but it came out," Evans said, according to The AP. "I don't know how to put it into words. Honestly, it's the most disappointing part of all of this that I feel personally that I let everybody down.

"It hit me right where you would want to be hit. It was a great pass by Joe and a play not completed by me. Nobody else can take the fault."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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