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NFL exec unsure if Moss has ditched 'man-child' act

Randy Moss is back in our lives, and while his exuberant, wild ramblings on Ustream have been labeled as must-see television, all the wrong people are tuning in to watch it.

As NFL teams analyze the mental state of Moss, who ended his retirement Monday, at least one league executive told that the wideout's stream-of-consciousness chatter ranks as a turnoff.

"The team executive noted that the one thing they would want to see from Moss is stability in his life," the report states. "Not so sure a team watching Moss pick his nose and wipe it on his sleeve inspires a sense Moss has changed from a man-child to a grownup."

"The tank is empty," one NFL coach told the site in another report, and even if Moss claims he still can fly in the 40-yard dash, on-field production remains a different story.

"I mean, when you're talking about running routes, you have to go through obstacles," one coach said. "He can say he can run a 4.3, but this isn't an Olympic time trial on a track. You've got to run around people and go to areas, and I don't see him doing that."

Rams coach Jeff Fisher hasn't crossed Moss off his list, clinging to fond memories of their brief time together in Tennessee during the 2010 season. Still, Fisher refused to commit to Moss, and it's unclear where genuine interest in the 35-year-old will come from if he continues his unsettling on-air filibuster.

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