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NFL examining Mike Tomlin's footing on punt return

The officials didn't flag Mike Tomlin, but the NFL might.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday that the league plans to examine the Steelers coach's footing on the Jacoby Jones kickoff return that saw Tomlin nearly touch the Ravens wide receiver in Baltimore's 22-20 win over Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

Tomlin's actions on the play will be reviewed under the NFL's normal procedures for possible discipline, a league source told Rapoport. A decision is expected next week.

Replays clearly showed Tomlin standing on the stripe of white paint that borders the field; the coach was facing away from the play and watching the action on the video screen as Jones raced up the sideline for a 73-yard return.

Tomlin -- his right foot edging the field -- hopped out of the way just in time, but Jones later said the coach's proximity "broke my stride a little bit."

"I always watch the returns on the Jumbotron; it provides a better perspective for me," Tomlin said after the game. "Obviously, I lost my placement as he broke free and saw at the last second how close I was to the field of play."

Rapoport also cited a league source as saying the play should have been a penalty. Officials are graded for their performance on every play in each game they work. This case will be no different, per Rapoport, meaning the official closest to Tomlin could receive a negative review.

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