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NFL draft serves as backdrop for Kevin Costner film

NEW YORK -- The first person I saw as I stepped through the doors at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday afternoon was Frank Langella.

The close encounter with the veteran character actor reminded me of two things: 1) Langella played a great bad guy in "Dave," and 2) They're shooting that draft movie here.

That draft movie actually is called "Draft Day," which stars Kevin Costner in the role of general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Houston Texans running back Arian Foster also has a role in the film. It's slated for release next year.

I later unwittingly stumbled upon filming. Actor Josh Pence -- who plays a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback prospect -- walked down the red carpet on Sixth Avenue. Foster followed behind him, sans his customary glasses. It was one take and out for both.

Foster politely declined to speak with Around The League, denying us the opportunity to discuss his ponderous (but missed) Twitter feed. We did get some time with Pence, a Los Angeles native who plays the role of star quarterback Bo Callahan. (This may be the most quarterback-y name in a football movie since Frank "Cush" Cushman in "Jerry Maguire.")

"It's a film about the day of the draft," said Pence, who bares a striking resemblance to Blaine Gabbert (insert your own joke here). "It's about all the chaos that surrounds the GM on the day of the draft and a struggling team trying to piece together what he's going to do, who he's going to take No. 1."

Foster plays a hotshot running back who serves as another draft option for the GM. Costner starred in two iconic baseball movies in "Bull Durham" and "Field Of Dreams," as well as a golf movie ("Tin Cup") that Ed Reed likes.

Can Costner carry a truly great football movie? We're seriously overdue.

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