NFC West is welcomed back to the 'bottom six'

Welcome back to the party, NFC West. After getting a reprieve for going 4-0 in Week 10, the NFC West makes its return to the bottom six in glorious fashion, with one team making a major jump.

Was that enough to take the top spot? Probably not.

And without further ado ...




Remember all the talk about John Skelton possibly being the future in Arizona? You don't? That's right, nobody wants to claim that now. And you can try to carry on like nothing happened. But like that Hanson CD still lurking in your closet, I know it's there. The Cardinals would be higher on this list, but the costly Week 1 win over the Panthers still looms. However, there is a chance to gain ground this week. Up next: at St. Louis FC




The Panthers struggled early in Detroit, jumping out to a huge lead, but the bad teams find a way to get it done. The Panthers easily squandered their lead, and when things got close late, the reliably bad defense allowed big plays for the Lions to score the go-ahead touchdown. Cam Newton then sealed the game with an interception that was returned from a touchdown. Newton continues to impress as a rookie, because that kind of late-game malfunction is typically reserved for veterans such as Tony Romo. Up next: at Indianapolis




Every time I see a good player from a bad team get injured, it's hard not to think of Al Czervik from "Caddyshack" when he drills his own arm with an errant tee shot. (Don't worry all you youngsters, if a "Caddyshack" remake isn't in the can right now, it will be coming along shortly.) That's what I thought about when Adrian Peterson went down. But here's the thing Minnesota, with all of the parity in the NFL, sometimes you need to get all of the breaks to reach your goal. Up next: at Atlanta



ST. LOUIS (2-8)

St. Louis bounced back after that disappointing win over Cleveland with a truly uninspired home loss to the Seahawks. Apparently the team is counting the days until its return to Los Angeles. This is a good spot for St. Louis, because it leads all teams that already have its quarterback of the future -- Minnesota and Carolina, which is big. But St. Louis can't afford to get lazy this week with a huge matchup. Up next: vs. Arizona




Speaking of bad teams finding a way to get it done, the Redskins were so bad, they managed to make Romo seem clutch. Just when it looked like Romo was going to work his late-game magic, folding away another game by calling a timeout that his team didn't have in overtime, there was Mike Shanahan bailing him out with his own ill-advised timeout as he continues in his quest to be the George Costanza of the NFL. I hope Shanahan doesn't get a stain on Sammy Baugh's old uniform. Up next: at Seattle




The Colts do nothing, but continue to be the leaders in the clubhouse. Now, there is growing concern that the Colts would use this first overall pick for something other than a quarterback, but they have a point. The NFL is littered with plenty of stories about guys in their late 30s who returned from neck surgery and a year removed from the game to flourish. Up next: vs. Carolina

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