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New York Jets fight again despite Rex Ryan's warning

The New York Jets' brawl on Monday afternoon was a doozy. It spilled into the media section at training camp and upsetMark Sanchez.

So the Jets naturally started Tuesday's practice with a fight between Demario Davis and Terrance Ganaway. Rex Ryan got annoyed and warned the team to cut it out.

So what happened next?

Yeah, you can guess how this is going. After Dustin Keller and Antonio Cromartie went at it next, Ryan berated his players and made them run laps. He reportedly was "extremely angry."

One thing that might have brightened his smile: Tim Tebow finished first in all 11 laps that the Jets had to run. (We hope that doesn't surprise anyone.)

"I bet we don't have (a fight) tomorrow," safety Eric Smith said.

UPDATE: Ryan said after practice that he felt the need to do something to show he won't tolerate his players' unnecessary physicality. So he had them run.

"I think sometimes, you're trying to be physical, but being physical is one thing," Ryan said, according to The Associated Press. "Going past that is something else, and that's what I didn't like. That's why we stopped and had to remind the guys that the enemy is not in green and white."

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