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New York Giants see David Wilson as future 'lead dog'

There weren't a lot of big positives from the 2012 season for the New York Giants. Watching rookie David Wilson with the football in his hands was one of them.

If the Giants can help Wilson learn how to do the little things (ahem: blocking), they could have a star on their hands. General manager Jerry Reese said Wilson could be the team's starting running back.

"I don't think there's any question that he can be that," Reese said, when asked if Wilson can be a lead back (via "It's a two- and three-back league nowadays, but do I think he can be a lead dog? I do think that.

"Because he's not a little guy, and he has incredible balance. You see guys have some big hits on him and he stays up -- he's not an easy guy to take down. So he's much stronger than you might think just from how he looks on the field. But he's a sleek, well-chiseled athlete. I do believe he can be the lead back."

Wilson is the rare NFL player who plays at another speed than his competition. He runs with great toughness. Fellow running back Ahmad Bradshaw openly questioned if the Giants would bring him back next season, but we'd guess that he'll stick around. It just might be in a supporting role.

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