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New York Giants players downplay cold tub incident

The New York Giants players, unlike Tom Coughlin, aren't that concerned about the YouTube video that features Jason Pierre-Paul throwing Prince Amukamara in a cold tub. They just wish it wasn't posted online by punter Steve Weatherford.

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A prank on Prince 

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So will there be retribution for Weatherford with a dunking of his own?

"If he does, you guys won't hear about it," Justin Tuck, according to Tom Rock of Newsday.

Pierre-Paul clearly wants the attention to go away.

"Yes, this is my first year dunking (people) ... and this is my last year," he said Monday.

Amukamara is no longer a rookie and didn't look too happy in the video, but he tried to make the issue go away in comments Monday. He said via that he doesn't consider it hazing and that JPP has nothing to apologize for. If he felt threatened or unwelcome, he would address the issue with the team. He didn't take the cold tub personally.

Reasonable minds that we respect definitely disagree, but this isn't a case that we feel like deserves a lot of national attention. A lot of things happen behind closed doors among NFL teams that wouldn't be acceptable in a normal job. That's not a new development. It's naive to think these things don't occur.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the New York Daily News they would not be investigating the incident. They call it a club issue. We expect Coughlin to take care of it.

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