New York Giants, Jets lawsuit angers N.J. Gov. Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't happy with the New York Giants and New York Jets, who happen to call his state home.

The G-Men and Gang Green filed a lawsuit in June to halt construction of the proposed American Dream Meadowlands project (formerly known as "Xanadu") that calls for the construction a 638,000 square foot indoor water and amusement park in addition to the 2.3 million square foot building that is still unfinished.

Triple Five, the project developer, failed to gain approval for the construction plan, which goes beyond the Giants and Jets had previously agreed upon. The Jets and Giants cited a 2006 agreement that requires consent for changes that could have an impact on game days, which they feel will create "terrible nightmares" on game days.

"It's not the way the business should be done, and I'm disappointed in the teams for having done it -- and I'll leave it at that," Christie told The Record.

Triple Five said that any impact their project would have would be "minimal."

"Even though their uniforms say New York, they need to consider what is best for New Jersey, its citizens and taxpayers," Alan Marcus, a spokesman for Triple Five told The Record after the lawsuit was initially filed.

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