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New England Patriots reportedly not interested in T.O.

We told you on Wednesday about Terrell Owens catching passes from Tom Brady while they worked out at USC. This is the type of non-story that we write about because it's April, it's about football and because it's funny to imagine a conversation between the two men.

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Reasonable minds know that such news hardly is a sign the New England Patriots would want to employ the 39-year-old Owens, but there are a lot of unreasonable minds out there. If it wasn't obvious enough: The Patriotshave no interest in T.O., according to the Boston Herald.

It's very hard to imagine any team signing Owens at this stage, much less a good team. The same is true for Chad Johnson. T.O. had his last shot with the Seattle Seahawks last year, and he couldn't make the squad.

The Herald writes that Owens wants to keep playing and has been "in discussions" with multiple teams, but we strongly suspect those discussions are one-sided.

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