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Networks agree not to tip picks during 2013 NFL Draft

A draft trend that started in 2012 will become an annual tradition. NFL Network and ESPN have agreed not to "tip" draft picks ahead of time via Twitter, according to's Richard Deitsch.

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The networks have a "gentleman's agreement" about not revealing too much, too soon. There are exceptions.

"I'm not going to report standard picks," Adam Schefter told "If a team is sitting still at No. 15, I'm not going to tweet (that pick). In other words, mundane, run-of-the mill picks, leave alone. But if it's a quarterback or a bold move, have at it."

There was nothing more annoying that watching on-air talent tip picks just before they were announced. (As opposed to informed analysis and guessing.) I don't quite understand the ban extending to Twitter. Can't readers just unfollow NFL reporters during the draft if they have such a problem with it?

It is a weird balance for reporters to withhold information, but it's a reminder: The NFL draft is more of an entertainment property than a news event.

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