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Nelson's female fan base grows with account of cheerleader hug

We know most fans characterize intimacy in the NFL as Ndamukong Suh tearing off some poor soul's helmet to see the whites of his eyes, but let's take a moment to recognize a softer side of the game that was on display in Week 10.

It happened Sunday at Cowboys Stadium, where Bills wide receiver David Nelson shared an embrace with girlfriend and Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich following a touchdown reception in the second quarter.

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CBS cameras captured the whole love story, making the couple's PDA a national story. It was something Nelson -- a native Texan who has dated Reich for four years -- had planned before the game.

"I just wanted to give her the ball, give her a hug and let her know I was thinking about her," Nelson said in a chat with "It's very rare to make it in the NFL, it's very rare to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and it's even more rare for both of us two people to be on the field at the same time."

Nelson didn't tell Reich what he was going to do if he scored, and only had to work under the ground rule that there would be no kissing or "anything over the top." (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Reich -- who we learned through intense research can hold Skittles in her dimples -- reacted to the hug with a mix of happiness, shock and terror, which was perfectly reasonable considering the unique circumstances.

"It was tough for her to balance the excitement of the moment but also try to keep her composure so she wouldn't get in trouble," Nelson said. "But she definitely let me know how excited she was after the game, and she's still excited to this day."

Nelson admitted he had something more elaborate planned had the Bills been in better position (Buffalo was down 21-7 after the score and went on to lose, 44-7).

"Luckily, I don't have to reveal that, but we had some ideas," he said. "I consulted with some of my better celebration people on the team like Stevie Johnson and some of those guys, so they gave me some ideas, but luckily that will never have to be released."

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