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Ndamukong Suh won't apologize for Jay Cutler hit

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh can't do much to fight public perception.

He's seen by many as a dirty player, but he doesn't view himself that way and he isn't apologizing for the bone-crushing, second-quarter hit he laid on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night.

"There were no harsh words between us," Suh told the Chicago Tribune after Detroit's 13-7 loss. "I wanted to make sure he was good. I'm never a person to injure anybody and take anybody out of the game.

"That's why I checked on him when he was there on the ground. I asked one of his people if he was OK. He got up, ran by me, hit me in my stomach and told me he was fine. And later on, I checked on him again."

Suh did kneel at Cutler's side after the play as the Bears quarterback wriggled in pain on the ground. Cutler suffered a rib injury, but expressed no outrage over the hit.

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"When he got a hold of me," Cutler said, "I knew it wasn't going to end well."

Suh has crossed boundaries during his NFL career, netting multiple fines for his play. He's a quizzical figure to many because, on one hand, he smiles at us while peddling Subway sandwiches and full-length luxury cars. Next he's shattering bodies in the pocket.

He feels like two people to some. Of course, he's paid well to play these contrasting roles.

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