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Ndamukong Suh answers to past deeds on reality TV

Ndamukong Suh vs. "Tank Dog": Who ya got?

Suh needs no introduction around these parts ... we hope. Tank Dog is a personal trainer and regular on Discovery Channel's new reality show, American Muscle. He's also a Green Bay Packers fan, leading to an interesting back-and-forth with Suh during the Detroit Lions star's recent appearance on the show.

In a teaser posted online, Suh instructs Tank Dog -- dressed in Packers green and gold -- to "take that weak jersey off."

That leads to the following exchange:

Tank Dog: A lot of Packer fans don't like you. (rolling up Packers championship banner)

Suh: Hey, that's all right. A lot of people don't like me.

Tank Dog: I'm trying to help bridge the gap between you and Green Bay fans. So I don't want you trying to kill anybody on Green Bay. It's kind of like a conflict of interest, see what I'm saying?

Suh: So you want me to just go out there and just say hi to 'em?

Tank Dog: I don't want you kicking them in the nuts like you did Schwab (He's probably referring to Matt Schaub). That whole stomp thing, what did he say to you, dog? He did something. Did he grab you? He held you and you was like, 'Get the (expletive) off of me.' Something happened!

Suh: Man, that's in the woods, man.

Tank Dog continues to give his best effort to get to the bottom of Suh's infamous moments, with Suh repeating "It's in the woods, man" six more times. It's slightly uncomfortable, since it looks as if the only thing separating Tank Dog from an early grave is a camera.

But let's not bury the most pertinent takeaway here: Never go into the woods with Ndamukong Suh.

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