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NBA star James continues to flirt with idea of NFL career

Dreams are like fantasy teams. You might want to tell your friends and co-workers all about them, but ultimately, no one cares.

LeBron James' cadre of advisors failed to alert the Miami Heat star of this reality Sunday when he tweeted about his nightly sleep cycle.

"Man I had a dream last night I was at the Cowboys facility in the equipment room getting all my gear with my trainer @Mikelift1 #FeltReal," James (or a well-compensated handler) tweeted.

Football-related dalliances have become a common occurrence for James, who continues to playfully flirt with an NFL career as the NBA lockout drags into eternity.

As for nobody caring about James' tweet, we suppose we should amend that to exclude Jason Witten. The Dallas tight end would have some steep competition next August if Jerry Jones could ever bring James' talents to Arlington.

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