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Naturally, Hue Jackson lands on his feet in Cincy

We couldn't help but laugh when the press release rolled in.

The Bengals announced the hiring of Hue Jackson on Friday as a defensive backs and special teams assistant, bringing the ex-Raiders coach home to the team he spent three seasons with from 2004 to 2006.

It is also the team he heaped precious gems upon this season when he pulled the trigger on a deal to bring disgruntled Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer to Oakland. In return, Cincy scored a first-round pick in this year's draft and a second-round selection in 2013, which could bump up to a first if the Raiders make the AFC title game next season.

Thanks, Hue, and welcome to the easiest job interview on earth.

Bengals:"So, Hue -- and thank you for the picks, by the way -- what can you do for the Cincinnati Bengals?"

Hue (in his best Stanley from "The Office" voice): "I've already done it."

Bengals: "Fair point. Can you hang around to sign some paperwork?"


If this team possesses even a shred of poetic timing, Jackson's first public appearance comes on April 26, and not a minute sooner, as he strolls up to the podium to announce Cincy's No. 17 pick -- from Oakland, with love.

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