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Namath on Jets: 'I think it's just a publicity stunt'

If the New York Jets are in the news, Joe Namath isn't far behind.

This has become the natural order of things. Broadway Joe is clean and sober and living the retired life in Florida. Commenting on the team he led to Super Bowl III glory appears to be his principle job at this point.

When word spread that the Jets had traded for Tim Tebow, it was only a matter of time before the franchise's most famous quarterback chimed in with his take.

"I'm just sorry that I can't agree with this situation," Namath told ESPN Radio New York on Wednesday. "I think it's just a publicity stunt. I can't go with it. I think it's wrong. I don't think they know what they're doing over there."

That last comment is one that could get him in trouble. The Jets have given Namath a lot of rope over the past year or so, but criticism like this likely won't be forgotten.

In other words, if the Jets are on "Hard Knocks" again (inevitable, by the way), don't expect to see Joe Willie and his popped collar paying another visit to camp.

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