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Namath, Largent, Staubach on Jets, 'Hawks, Cowboys

CANTON, Ohio -- The conversation here always comes back to football. Today's NFL. One of the cool things about the Hall of Famers here is that they all are huge football fans. got a chance to speak with a few franchise legends about the teams that helped make them famous.

Joe Namath on the Mark Sanchez-Geno Smith competition

"I mention competition, I'm talking about the opponents. You know, when it comes to their own team, I'm tired of that bringing in competition to make him better. Getting Tebow to make Sanchez better, bringing in so-and-so. Excuse me, these are professionals. You think they're lying around there? They're supposed to be competing every single play to convince themselves they're doing their best.

"Some animals need to be pushed. Those kind of guys you got to get rid of. You don't even need them on the team. Unfortunately, some of those guys are on various teams. But that's the coach's fault, that's the people who pick the players fault. And if they can't tell those are the kind of guys -- they don't want those kind of guys that need to be pushed. Get rid of them now."

Steve Largent on the Seahawks' banged-up receiver group

"(Golden Tate) is a small receiver. He's a better third or fourth receiver than a starting receiver, I think, but he's got everything it takes to play. He's made some big catches in clutch games, so he can play. But it will hurt badly if they're missing Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice."

Roger Staubach on Tony Romo

"He's done so much. They haven't attained the playoff success that they'd like to have, but you know, at quarterback ... there's no way in the world we would've won Super Bowls without the great teams I was on. And I think last year, their running game was 31st. Tony doesn't complain, doesn't push it off on anybody, but the things he's done, I really feel he's a championship quarterback. He just needs a few pieces around him. ... I think he deserves a lot of credit in what he's accomplished so far with the Cowboys."

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