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N.Y. Jets' Joe McKnight arrested on traffic warrants

All news seems to be bad news when it involves New York Jets running backs these days.

Joe McKnight, a reserve back and the team's primary kick returner, was arrested last week in New Jersey for outstanding traffic warrants, according to the New York Post.

McKnight was arrested on the morning of July 30, an off day for the Jets. The fourth-year veteran had sped past a police cruiser in the right lane before making an improper lane change. When McKnight was pulled over, the arresting officer checked the license plate and discovered two outstanding warrants for failing to pay for two traffic tickets.

McKnight was taken to the local police station, where he was released after posting bail.

It's been a trying summer for McKnight, who failed a conditioning test at the start of camp and now has been sitting out practices after sustaining a concussion Friday. He doesn't appear to be in the Jets' mix at running back, which is telling considering the team's lack of options due to injuries and Mike Goodson's legal woes.

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