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N.Y. Gov. Cuomo: Bet big on Giants

It's no surprise that the most powerful man in New York sits back with his feet up on the desk, launching brash statements around the room.

Whether or not anyone is listening is a different matter, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not mince words in predicting the winner of Super Bowl XLVI.

"Bet all your money on the Giants," Cuomo told the New York Daily News on Thursday.

His anti-Patriots riff did not end there.

"Isn't it interesting that no specific state identifies with the team?" Cuomo asked nobody in particular. "New England, as in mid-Atlantic Chargers.

"Why didn't Massachusetts say, 'It's our team?' ... Massachusetts Patriots. Vermont Patriots. New Hampshire Patriots. They all have semi-deniability, that's what I think this is."

Cuomo then responded to a steady stream of chirping from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Jets fan who's complained the Giants should call the Garden State home because they play in East Rutherford.

"He should read the helmets," Cuomo said. "New York Giants."

Making enemies north and south and pushing constituents to locate a bookie. All in a day's work for old Cuomo.

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