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'My Jesus' T-shirt maker stands ground vs. Tim Tebow

Advancing the ball a few inches in the slightly ponderous case of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow vs. the "My Jesus" T-shirt manufacturer:

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We learned this week that Cubby Tees is peddling garb with the words "My Jesus" scrawled across the front, designed to resemble the Jets logo. Tebow's attorneys shipped a cease and desist letter to the company arguing "the merchandise makes it appear as if Mr. Tebow actually endorses Cubby Tees and its products."

Tebow doesn't, but the manufacturer isn't backing down.

Kevin Doolan of told The Associated Press via email that his company was taken aback by the legal threats. He has informed Tebow's lawyers that the manufacturer will not comply with their demands. Cubby Tees has given Tebow's attorneys an opportunity to retract their allegations. Nothing on that front and as of Friday night, no legal action had been taken by either side, according to The AP.

Cubby Tees labeled the "My Jesus" design "positive and innocuous" and "legally sound" in a statement this week. Doolan told The AP he is a fan of Tebow.

"We are artists and have no desire to trespass on anyone's legitimate intellectual property rights, but we also will not roll over and sacrifice ours," Cubby Tees said in its statement.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this riveting odyssey.

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