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Morris turned down Vikings for lesser post with 'Skins

They say a man is only as good as his word. That would make Raheem Morris incredibly, outrageously, stunningly good.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that Morris turned down a chance to become the Vikings' defensive coordinator because he already had verbally accepted the Redskins' defensive backs coach gig. Morris didn't want to renege on his agreement with Washington, so he turned down Minnesota.

"A lot of people might think it's a missed opportunity not going to Minnesota after they offered, but I believe that in this game, all you have is your word and your tape, and I gave these guys my word, and I wanted to come here and help them this year, and I was going to do it," Morris said.

Morris accepted the Redskins' offer Jan. 12. One day later, the Vikings contacted the former Buccaneers coach with their offer.

"Can't ever think like that in this business," he said when asked if he regretted jumping on the Redskins' offer. "It's about being honest and upfront with people, and I feel like I handled it with class."

Class is fine, as are honor, integrity, puppies and rainbows. But rock beats scissors, and defensive coordinator beats defensive backs coach.

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