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Mora: Rob Ryan should steer clear of 'inflammatory' chatter

He's a Ryan, and the Cowboys knew that, but after eight weeks of football, Rob Ryan has caused as much havoc as any coordinator in the league -- and, let's be honest, not enough of it on the field.

In stark contrast to his more reserved head coach, Jason Garrett, Ryan's verbally sparred with opposing players and teams on a nearly weekly basis, and that comes with a cost, according to NFL Network's Jim Mora.

Mora and Brian Billick revisited Ryan's anti-Eagles riff -- which looked silly after his defense was ripped wide open Sunday night -- on "The Coaches Show" podcast this week, and Mora didn't hold back.

"I just don't understand Rob Ryan getting in a war of the words with a player, ever. Ever," Mora said. "I don't think it makes sense, I don't think it's a good thing for the league, I don't think it makes him look good, I think it makes him look small."

Mora spent five seasons as a defensive coordinator of the 49ers before taking a head coaching role with the Falcons and later with the Seahawks. Running the show, he encouraged his assistants to speak, but there were ground rules that obviously don't apply to Ryan.

"I think it's important the coordinator always understands -- number one -- they do not speak on behalf of the team. The head coach speaks on behalf of the team. They strictly speak on their side of the ball and what I wanted them to do is (heap) praise on our opponent, be objective where we were offensively and defensively, and to never say anything that would be inflammatory toward our opponent."

Add this to your list of conversations never overheard at Valley Ranch.

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