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Montana to Brady, Peyton: 'Play as long as you can'

How much longer Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will continue their respective NFL careers has been a much-discussed topic during the doldrums of the offseason.

Manning, 38, recently said retirement isn't on his radar and Patriots owner Robert Kraft believes Brady, 36, can play into his 40s.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, who retired when he was 38, told NFL Media's Dan Hellie on Wednesday's edition of NFL Total Access that Manning and Brady should hold on as long as possible.

"I say play as long as you can," Montana said. "Because the minute you get out, no matter how ready you think you are and you say it's time -- when I was leaving Kansas City, as soon as that season started next year, I was going, 'Why did I do that? I should have continued to play.' Because your body tells you something, your mind tells you something, but in reality as physically as long as you can play, I would play because it's (like) quitting cold turkey."

Montana said when he quit cold turkey, he still had more gas left in the tank.

"Oh yeah, definitely, definitely," he said. "I know I had at least two more years, for sure. Because I really started looking at the rest of my life, going, 'I don't need any more concussions.' My boys were starting to play sports and I missed the girls growing up because it was right in the middle of my career, and I really didn't want to miss the boys. And I wanted to be able to still participate with them. So physically, if you have problems, different story."

Montanta said injuries were the reason he walked away, but in hindsight believes he could have continued running the huddle.

"And that's where I thought I was headed to, with the elbow surgery, back surgery and numerous knees, and then it was a number of concussions," he said. "And I think the last concussion was the one that said, 'You know, it might be an idea to get out of here.' But I still think physically, without a few more concussions -- of which you don't have control over -- I could have played a couple more years left."

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