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MJD has nothing to apologize for, but these six certainly do

Maurice Jones-Drew refuses to apologize to Jay Cutler for questioning his toughness on Twitter after the quarterback left the NFC title game hurt. And you know what -- good for MJD. You should not have to apologize for what you said. Having a player stand by his Twitter remarks is rather refreshing.

I mean, he could have gone the easy route and claimed "my Twitter account was hacked," but no, he didn't back down.

Besides, there are plenty of people who should be offering up apologies for things that are much more egregious than anything MJD ever said.

But since this is an NFL column (most of the time), I will not be able to mention that Curt Schilling should apologize for faking the bloody sock, Paul Pierce should apologize for being wheeled out of the 2008 NBA Finals, only to return, and John Cena should apologize just on general principle.

Of course, many of you will likely say I should apologize for these Pick Six articles, but keep waiting for that.

And without further ado ...

6. 2000 New OrleansĀ Saints
Long before the Saints became America's darlings, they knocked off St. Louis in the 2000 playoffs, ruining what could have been the best Super Bowl matchup of the decade -- St. Louis FC vs. the Ravens. Oh, and the 1998 Falcons might want to give an apology, too.

5. Kurt Warner
Warner has provided us with some of the greatest NFL moments over the past 10 years, but he also has indirectly led to some of the worst, namely the Derek Anderson era in Arizona. Thus killing the fantasy value of Larry Fitzgerald. And for what, Kurt? So you could selfishly spend time with your family and keep your faculties? Bah.

4. Reggie Bush
What should Bush apologize for? The free house? Kim Kardashian? No. How about foolishly lateralling to an unsuspecting teammate after a long run in the 2006 Rose Bowl, that cost USC the game. Not that it mattered, because USC would have forfeited that anyway. But would the Titans have drafted Vince Young if Texas lost?

3. John Elway
Do the Baltimore Colts end up moving if Elway plays there? Debatable. But Elway is responsible for Mike Shanahan -- scourge of fantasy football. Shanahan has lived off his Elway-led titles, despite a post-Elway career that rivals David Duchovny post "The X-Files." And who suffers? Your fantasy team.

2. Rex Grossman and Rodney Harrison
If either one of you two guys could have made a play, the Manning family would still be searching for its first Super Bowl ring. I blame Rex less because he cannot help it that he's not good at his job. That would be akin to blaming my dog for not understanding the space-time continuum. Harrison, though, how did you not break up that pass to David Tyree?

1. Raiders fans
But not just any Raiders fans, we're talking about the guys who plaster the entire back window of their truck or El Camino with those "Raider Nation" stickers. Even Raiders fans find that excessive.

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