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Miss America has her crown; now she wants Aaron Rodgers

Sure, Aaron Rodgers has a long winter ahead him after his Packers lost to the Giants in Sunday's divisional playoffs, but when you're a star quarterback in the NFL, life never veers too far off Awesome Street.

Case in point: One day before Rodgers' season ended at Lambeau Field, Laura Kaeppeler -- Miss Wisconsin herself -- used the showcase of the Miss America pageant to make a wholesome pass at the Packers' signal-caller.

"If you're watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me," Kaeppeler said, according to Sporting News.

Kaeppeler later managed to do what Rodgers couldn't this season, namely vanquish all opponents who stood in her way. She was named Miss America on Saturday night.

For first-date small talk, Kaeppeler, 23, could discuss why her competition platform was supporting and mentoring children of incarcerated parents (her father did a 18-month prison stint for mail fraud). Rodgers, 28, could explain how annoying his life has become now that he's best known as "that Discount Double Check Guy."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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