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Misery loves company, so check out these guys, Phil

Oh Philip, that was a rough one. You botched a snap? That is the kind of stuff we would expect from Eli Manning, not you. But let's not make too big of a deal out of it. You lost a tough divisional game at a place where the Chargers traditionally don't play well. So allow me to cheer you up, that's what family does, after all.

Below are my six favorite blunders in NFL history -- ones that will surely live in infamy far longer than Monday night's game that most people missed because they were still out trick-or-treating. And don't expect any of the heart-breaking plays from the Browns, either. There will be no Red-Right 88 or Earnest Byner because that is not my way. These are six of my favorites. If this doesn't make you feel better, Philip, nothing will.

And without further ado …

6. Garo Yepremian

Long before Tim Tebow, it was Yepremian who had the worst throwing motion in the NFL. This blunder nearly cost the Dolphins a perfect season.

5. Joe Pisarcik

The only reason Pisarcik has a Wikipedia entry is because he fumbled away a sure win in the blunder known as the 'Miracle at the Meadowlands.' This was like a real-life moment from the movie "All the Right Moves." Why didn't you just sit on the ball?

4. Jackie Smith

The Cowboys have had a storied Super Bowl rivalry with the Steelers, meeting three times. But you can't talk about Cowboys-Steelers in the Super Bowl without mentioning one of the game's biggest drops.

3. Tony Romo

The job of holding for extra points is so easy, most teams have a punter handling those duties. Here, Tony Romo turns a sure win into one of the biggest postseason blunders of all time. Alright, I could have some more Cowboys blunders in here with Leon Lett, Billy Waddy and every draft since Jimmy Johnson left, but let's spread the love.

2. Brett Favre

So much had been made of Brett Favre retiring, orchestrating a trade to the Jets, retiring again and then making a move to the Vikings, that this season-ending interception against the Saints was all the more sweeter.

1. Peyton Manning

If an alien came down to Earth and demanded, "Show me one play that would illustrate Peyton Manning's entire NFL career," I would say, "Hey, you have mastered space flight, there is much more that I could learn from you, but since you asked here is the play …"

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