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Minnesota Vikings rookie OL Matt Kalil feels like freshman

Matt Kalil, the Minnesota Vikings fourth-overall pick in the draft said his first NFL practice reminded him of being a freshman in college."

"It is a little bit like the freshman year at college again," Kalil told NFL Network. "I felt a lot better at the second practice and look forward to getting better every day."

Kalil gave the stock answer when asked about the biggest transition from college to the pros: "I think you as go from each level -- from high school to college, from college to the NFL -- it's the speed."

"Going against, you know, grown men who have families is definitely going to be a change," Kalil said.

The offensive tackle said he's enjoyed going up against four-time first-team All Pro Jared Allen has been fun. He going up against "probably the best defensive end in the game" in practice every day is making him a better player.

Asked about the best advice he'd been given by his older brother, Ryan, who plays center for the Carolina Panthers, Kalil said it was to be a "student of the game," which he said means studying film and doing everything you can to get better.

He also said that for now, "It's about working hard and staying humble."

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