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Mike Zimmer: Vikings 'looking so hard' to find a QB

Christian Ponder might remain with the Minnesota Vikings, but his presence isn't hindering the search for a new quarterback.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer visited with NFL Network's "NFL AM" on Monday at the NFL Scouting Combine and discussed his team's signal-caller search.

"We are going to get some quarterbacks; obviously those two guys (Matt Cassell and Josh Freeman) are free agents and Ponder is still on the roster," Zimmer said. "But we have to have a quarterback, so we are going to have to find some, and that is why we are out here looking so hard and why we'll continue to look in free agency. We'll find a guy."

Somewhere Ponder is hearing, 'We'll find a guy,' thinking to himself, 'Ummmm, coach, I'm right here. I am on the team still, right?'

It likely wasn't Zimmer's intention to slight Ponder, who he inherited, and merely was discussing the need to fill at least two quarterback spots.

However, after listening to general manager Rick Spielman's comments from the past week and Zimmer's comments, it's clear the organization no longer views Ponder as the future of the franchise -- despite the fact that he'll be on the roster next season.

Zimmer said the Vikings are looking hard for that quarterback in the draft. Sitting at No. 8, the question will be whether Minnesota reaches for one if its highest rated signal-callers are all off the board. That's one reason they're in this quarterback mess in the first place.

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