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Mike Vanderjagt suspended from coaching gig

Mike Vanderjagt's brief run as a middle-school soccer coach is on the ropes.

The former Indianapolis Colts kicker has been suspended from that role after a March incident in which Vanderjagt allegedly grabbed a student by the throat at Charter Middle School in Marco Island, Fla.

The Naples Daily News reported Thursday that Vanderjagt, a school parent, was investigated by police for attacking a student who taunted him with cries of "wide left, wide left" through a rolled-up piece of poster board doubling as megaphone.

Flashback: Vanderjagt missed a game-changing field goal attempt at the end of the Colts' AFC Divisional playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in January 2006.

According to police, Vanderjagt was crossing the school's parking lot when he heard the taunts. The student told authorities the former kicker "walked up to him, grabbed him by the throat and started cursing at him." 

Vanderjagt told police he simply placed his hand on the child's shoulder. He claimed a mouthy band of students had been issuing the insults for months. Vanderjagt admitted growing tired of the taunts.

Police went so far as to file the incident with the State Attorney's office, which ruled that no charges would be issued against Vanderjagt.

He has apologized to the student and currently awaits word from the school's principal about his coaching future. In the meantime, this former NFL kicker is running a pizza joint on Marco Island.

Strange days, indeed.

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