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Mike Tomlin bans somersaults for Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers finally cracked the win column. That doesn't mean Mike Tomlin is about to loosen up the reins.

The Steelers coach banned games from the locker room in the week leading up to the team's 19-6 win over the New York Jets. Now Tomlin has told players they no longer can do somersaults into the end zone after scores.

Tomlin told reporters Tuesday that leaps into the end zone risk injury and are "silly."

Tomlin's thinking is sound, since throwing oneself to the ground with considerable force is stupid. Watch the video above, in which Emmanuel Sanders inflicts self-punishment on his back after scoring a long touchdown against the Jets. Le'Veon Bell probably gave Sanders the idea after hitting the eject button the week before in London.

The NFL is punishing enough to its players without this sort of needless self-immolation.

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