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Mike Pouncey, John Jerry must undergo evaluations

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Richie Incognito's public desire to return to the NFL has overshadowed another looming question in the aftermath of the Miami Dolphins' locker room scandal. Will center Mike Pouncey and guard John Jerry (now with the New York Giants) be disciplined?

"Our focus right now, at least in the case of the three players, is that they would be evaluated," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday at the NFL Annual Meeting. "We've talked with the union several times about that. And we agreed that was the right first step.

"Once they've been evaluated, the medical professionals, which are joint medical professionals, will make determinations of whether any treatment is necessary," Goodell added. "And it will be a requirement that they fulfill that."

Pouncey and Jerry will have to undergo treatment if the medical professionals require it. After that, it's possible they could face discipline from the league in the form of a fine or suspension. But Goodell would not address that possibility until they undergo treatment.

"I think the first phase for us is to get the evaluations and determine what the treatment is. Depending on what the doctors prescribe there, it could prevent them from being part of football for some period of time. But that's a medical decision," Goodell said.

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