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Mike Munchak feels Tennessee Titans owner's pain

NFL owners expect to win when they settle into their luxury suite for a home game. They certainly don't expect to get a 50-burger dropped in their lap.

This is, as they say, bad business. Bud Adams knows this, which is why he put his entire organization on watch Sunday night after the Tennessee Titans were on the hammer end of a 51-20 shellacking by the Chicago Bears.

Mike Munchak -- a coach whose seat must be getting toasty -- doesn't blame his boss.

"I would probably have said the same thing if I were him," Munchak said Monday, via The Associated Press. "This is his team. He expects us to play well, especially at home. That's our job. That's my job to make sure we're out there playing our best and winning games at home hopefully every time we line up.

"We didn't play well, and I'd be upset, too, if I were him."

The Titans have managed to win three games this season, but let's not overlook the obvious here. This is a bad, bad football team. Munchak and general manager Ruston Webster have a hand in that ... but so does Adams.

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