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Mike McCoy set to begin fixing San Diego Chargers

Mike McCoy stood in front of the assembled media on Tuesday and said "change is good for an organization."

He isn't lying. Truthfully, change was probably a year too late for the San Diego Chargers. Tom Telesco was announced as the new general manager last week. On Tuesday, McCoy was introduced as the team's new head coach.

We explained earlier the winners and losers following McCoy hiring. Now some takeaways from his first meeting with the media:

1. As Norv Turner hinted at in his departing press conference, McCoy sounds like a guy who knows he has a lot of work to do to fix the Chargers.

"It's going to be a process. It's not going to just happen overnight," he said. "We're going to have to make some tough decisions in this business and that's what we're paid to do. We're going to lead this team to a championship sometime in the future."

2. McCoy is looking forward to working with Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, calling him a "great guy to have a face of your franchise." McCoy said he couldn't say why Rivers' production has declined in the last two seasons, but promised he would ask the quarterback "some tough questions."

He added he hasn't watched all of the Chargers' games from this season yet. Andy Reid would be disappointed.

3. McCoy said he will sit down with Telesco to determine the fate of the remaining coaching staff. That includes defensive coordinator John Pagano, who has been in limbo since the firing of Norv Turner. Pagano remains under contract, which has cost him multiple opportunities to jump to another team.

"We have an idea where we're going, but we want to give everybody an opportunity to talk to us," McCoy said.

4. In a funny twist, a reporter asked McCoy if he backed John Fox's decision to kneel on the ball late in regulation of the Broncos' double-overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday.

"As an organization we made that decision and we're going to do the same thing here. When we make decisions as a football team, we're all going to live with it, we're all going to back one another, it's the same thing."

Citing a mystery source, McCoy said there was a 97.9 percent chance the Broncos should've won that game. Ironically, the Ravens' conquering of the odds likely got McCoy his job in San Diego.

5. McCoy plans to hire an offensive coordinator who will handle playcalling duties. The anti-Norv.

6. The uncertainty of the Chargers' future in San Diego came up during the interview process. "I asked the question, but we're not worried about it. That's not my concern my concern right now."

7. Because of course he was, McCoy was asked about coaching Tim Tebow last season: "It was a great opportunity. We did something special last year as an organization. It's not going to be done the same way ever again I don't believe because now teams understand what can happen when you run that kind of offense. Teams last year were shocked."

The Jets were shocked this year.

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