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Mike McCoy facing critical two-game stretch with Chargers

Following last season, after a tumultuous 4-12 campaign, the Chargers gave coach Mike McCoy a one-year contract extension to increase stability and show confidence in their coach.

Yet just four games into an injury-riddled season, McCoy's job status is once again an open question following three blown fourth-quarter leads and a 1-3 start.

According to sources informed of the situation, McCoy now faces a critical two-game stretch, one that could decide his future. San Diego travels to Oakland to play the Raiders on Sunday, then hosts the Broncos on Thursday. If it goes poorly, hard decisions could be made quickly.

Based on the schedule (and the need to get the team ready on a short week) it's highly unlikely a change would be made after Sunday. But two poor performances, coupled with the team already blowing fourth-quarter, double-digit leads against the Chiefs and Saints, could mean bad news for McCoy.

In fact, some in the Chargers' building thought a change would be made after the Saints loss, sources said.

The focus for the Chargers, publicly and privately, is on beating the Raiders. The coaching staff, quarterback Philip Rivers, everyone has that mind set. And there have been no public proclamations about McCoy's status.

The team's brass won't back itself into a corner with votes of confidence that often ring hollow, nor will it limit its options going forward. It's simply committed to winning and will do what it feels best to make that happen.

Still, this year has not gone like anyone imagined. Several stars have suffered major injuries, including Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead and Jason Verrett. First-round pick Joey Bosa hasn't even played yet, though he will Sunday. All of those are factors. But the team has also put itself in position to win regardless, only to let it all slip away.

McCoy is still the same coach who went 9-7 two years in a row. But that could change based on the next two weeks.

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