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Mike McCarthy: Packers have room for improvement

Mike McCarthy isn't one for bombast, but he recently told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that this year's Green Bay Packers look to be his most experienced and talented team.

Quick refresher: They were 15-1 last season, so ...

"I think we're probably putting too much into the statement because we've been fortunate enough to have quality depth and competitive training camps. But this one, on paper, looks like it's going to live up to those standards," the head coach told the newspaper.

"I think I said it the first day I was here. It's always about winning the world championship in Green Bay. I don't think you ever settle for less than that. Just take a look at last year, 15-1 doesn't cut it."

The issue was never 15-1. It was 15-2.

As good as the Packers were last season, it ended in a shattered mess. A suspect defense revealed itself fully against the New York Giants in a divisional round loss.

We told you last week about one expert who called Green Bay "the worst I've ever seen in my life" at tackling. It says a lot about what Aaron Rodgers accomplished last season -- and about the weapons still buzzing around on the offense -- but there are issues to address. There always are.

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