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Mike McCarthy irked like 2008 Pats, says Shaun O'Hara

If you have a moment this weekend, and especially if you live in Green Bay, you want to take a look at Albert Breer's piece on Mike McCarthy.

Breer: Packers still stewing

Mike McCarthy's still stewing over the playoff loss to the Giants, telling Albert Breer the Packers really beat themselves. **More ...**

The Packers coach is dry as a bone in press conferences, but Breer helped unleash some fire on the topic of January's NFC Divisional playoff loss to the New York Giants. McCarthy still hasn't gotten over that 37-20 smackdown. He went out of his way to compliment Coughlin and told Breer, "I feel like we beat ourselves."

McCarthy's quotes dropped just as former Giants center Shaun O'Hara was visiting NFL Network on Friday. O'Hara didn't play last season, but he followed New York's Super Bowl run closely. He felt McCarthy's comments echoed those of another team the G-Men upset just a few seasons ago.

"It sounds very similar to the New England Patriots and the way they felt after we beat them in the Super Bowl in 2008, " O'Hara said. "They still felt like they were the better team, but they just had a bad day. And, you know what, that's understandable. I can certainly appreciate what (Green Bay is) feeling. You know, they thought that they were going to win that game, which they were certainly entitled to. They beat the Giants earlier on in the season and were arguably one of the best teams in the NFL all season, but that's why the game is played on Sundays and not during the week."

"That's why it's a great game, because you can't have an off-day, especially during the playoffs."

None of this eases Green Bay's heartache, but McCarthy and Co. will have a chance for revenge soon enough. The teams will meet again on a chilly Sunday night at MetLife in Week 12.

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