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Mike Mayock's observations from week of Shrine Game practices

Editor's note: Click through the tabs above to see each day's wrap up from the week at the East-West Shrine Game.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- After three days of practices leading up to the East-West Shrine Game, North Carolina State defensive end Kentavius Street is the guy I'm probably most intrigued by. He's playing for the East team this week. I like that he has some inside-out flexibility. He can set a physical edge on first down outside and I think he's an inside rusher in sub packages. He's been dominant this week.

Some other thoughts on prospects from the East squad:

Northern Iowa WR Daurice Fountain: Everybody's talking about him this week. Out of the whole group of wideouts, I think he's the one that's shown the most juice, the most acceleration. He has a really good track background from high school, so he's legitimately fast but he's also quick. He's caught the ball extremely well, and he's separated from guys. I think he's helped himself a lot this week.

Penn WR Justin Watson: He practiced in the slot this week and did a nice job. Tuesday, he caught the ball well and created some separation inside. He's 220 pounds, and he's an interesting guy, but I think you have to figure out how you're going to use him. Special teams is going to be important for him, just to earn a spot on the team to buy himself some time, but he's intriguing.

Ohio State LB Chris Worley: You can see he's been well-coached and knows what he's doing. He understands zone or man. He's tough, smart and in the right place all the time.

Pitt CB Avonte Maddox: He's very thin, but really quick. I thought he showed the quickest change-of-direction skill of the corners here this week. He's probably a nickelback, and he's helped himself.

Memphis QB Riley Ferguson: I liked his tape more than I liked his week of practice. He was a little erratic, inconsistent with ball placement, but has a good arm.

Onto some observations from the West squad:

Army OT Brett Toth: He's a big kid, and physically he can play in the NFL, but the question is whether somebody is going to draft him knowing they might have to wait a couple years for his availability (due to his minimum military commitment of two years). He might not be playing for a team next year.

Mississippi State TE Jordan Thomas: A lot of people are talking about him. At 270 pounds, he has an amazing catch radius and really good hands. Everybody knows he's a tight end except for him. He wants to be a wideout. Some people have even talked about making him a tackle. He's a really good athlete with quite a wingspan.

Indiana LB Tegray Scales: He showed some good man-to-man skills this week and can run to the football.

Missouri DE Marcell Frazier: He has some pass-rush ability with a little bit of twitch, and I thought he did some good things this week.

Washington State OG Cody O'Connell: He was hard to evaluate on tape because WSU doesn't run the ball a lot, or aggressively. Why he's not a tackle is a logical question. Is he a right tackle if he's anything? That's what scouts will ask.

Delaware DT Bilal Nichols: He flashed. He's 300 pounds and has the body type and strength for the position. He has some movement skills, but I don't see it consistently enough out here or on tape. I'd like to see his motor run a little hotter, but I like his ability.

Wisconsin LB Leon Jacobs: He had a really solid week. I think he's an off-the-ball linebacker. I think he's a 3-4 inside backer, or a 4-3 weakside linebacker.

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