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Mike Holmgren's Cleveland Browns future unclear

The latest Cleveland Browns rebuilding effort won't get finished, just like all the ones before it. President Mike Holmgren tried to build a foundation on top of all the other failed plans, but the imminent sale of the franchise means Holmgren's blueprints likely will end up in the trash like the rest.

Pat Shurmur surely will coach this season, but the pressure to win will be enormous and unrealistic. The roster has too many holes. Brandon Weeden -- the 28-year-old rookie quarterback -- can't save everyone.

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Holmgren could be out as soon as expected new owner Jimmy Haslam arrives, and Holmgren knows it. Under current Browns owner Randy Lerner, Holmgren possessed more organizational clout than perhaps any non-owner in the NFL except Bill Belichick. It's hard to imagine a smooth transition for Holmgren under new leadership.

Frustrated Browns fans might be excited for change, but they equally should be frustrated if the team starts all over again. Holmgren wasted a year making up his mind on Eric Mangini and another year going all-in on Colt McCoy. Holmgren also couldn't close a deal for Robert Griffin III.

It should be noted Holmgren and hand-picked general manager Tom Heckert have drafted well for the Browns, McCoy aside. Cornerback Joe Haden, safety T.J. Ward, wideout Greg Little, linebacker Jabaal Sheard, and nose tackle Phil Taylor all look like building blocks. Haden should be a star.

Holmgren's Browns quietly have made some strides, like Mangini did on defense in his two years. We probably just won't ever find out if the plan was going to work.

The Browns will rebuild again; it's only a matter of time.

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