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Mike Holmgren can't rule out a return to coaching

Retirement isn't always pretty for NFL coaches. It can be confusing, boring and a little sad. Greg Bishop's excellent profile of Mike Holmgren for The MMQB paints an honest picture of a man searching to replace the highs he experienced while in the league.

Now 66 years old, Holmgren lives a quiet, restless life in the Seattle area. And he can't quite bring himself to give up on the possibility of coaching again.

"If some unusual thing happened, (my wife) Kathy and I would talk about it," Holmgren said. His previous contract with the Cleveland Browns runs out in February.

"That will be it, pretty much," Holmgren says. "Unless something big comes up."

The article is well worth checking out, with the most telling moment coming when Holmgren attended a Seattle Seahawks game as a fan last season.

"All of a sudden, I hear this big cheer. This roar," Holmgren said. "And here comes Pete Carroll running out of the locker room."

Holmgren wasn't afraid to admit the cheer bothered him. He couldn't remember similar moments in his coaching career, even though they surely occurred. He left the game with Kathy before the first quarter was over.

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