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Mike DeVito: New York Jets 'not giving up' on Rex Ryan

Here's where we're at in Florham Park: Jets players confirming they haven't given up on the season.

New York is 4-7 and coming off a Thanksgiving Day beat down at the hands of the New England Patriots, but talk of players jumping ship is premature. Defensive lineman Mike DeVito said this week there's plenty of support for Rex Ryan inside the locker room. Nobody is sending their coach down the river.

"Not at all ... we're not giving up on anybody," DeVito told WFAN-AM, via The Star-Ledger. "Until you can't make the playoffs, you always want to fight to make the play no matter what the chances are."

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The Patriots loss served as an ugly crescendo. The Jets were assembled by Ryan for the specific purpose of taking down Bill Belichick's team, but the opposite happened Thursday night.

The loss included a bizarre stretch that saw New England rip off 21 points in 52 seconds. We also witnessed the Mark Sanchez butt-fumble, a play now etched in the public consciousness forever. And Fireman Ed, the long-time Jets devotee left at halftime before retiring from the business of "super-fan."

"It is disappointing," DeVito said. "You need that guy leading that Jets chant that fires us up. I'm hoping he changes his mind."

(One minor consolation: Rosenthal -- in a scenario beginning to resemble the final act of "Apocalypse Now" -- refuses to Fork the Jets.)

It's late November and Ryan has guided this team into a dark corner. A weird place. But one thing hasn't changed: Everybody's waiting to see what comes next.

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