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Michael Vick steers another Philadelphia Eagles rally

The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 despite Michael Vick. They are 2-0 because of Michael Vick.

Vick turned the ball over again three times Sunday, but the Eagles' defense and their consistent ability to move the ball was enough to beat the Baltimore Ravens 24-23 anyhow.

The Eagles' offensive line lost two starters, and Vick was repeatedly hit throughout the game.

Vick doesn't help himself by taking too long to make decisions, which puts him in danger. To his credit, he keeps getting up -- he was hit more than 10 times against the Cleveland Browns last week.

Vick wound up throwing for 371 yards against the Ravens and rushing for 34 more, including the game-winning run with under 2 minutes to go. In back-to-back weeks, Vick has shaken off a mistake-prone game to lead his team on a decisive drive to end the game. That feat deserves plenty of praise.

There's just no way Vick will survive this season at this pace.

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